We tailor our products and services to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers

OpSurv provides its clients with a range of services and products including,

o Business Intelligence – Tailor our analysis to support corporate security, market analysis, operational cost/benefit decisions, supply chain security, personnel security, continuity of operations planning, etc.

o Training – Design and conduct training for government and private sector clients to recognize and mitigate threats. Evaluate and assess new training techniques and technologies. Produce assessments of emerging training technologies and theories.

o Rapid Response Support Cells (365/24/7) – Provide on-site subject matter expert advice and technical reachback for operators. Collect, synthesize and analyze open source and other materials and produce regular, timely, tailored situational awareness and assessments to business and government clients.

o Security and Risk Assessments – Conduct security assessments of operational environments. Assess risks to support operational planning by identifying and evaluating threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences. Make recommendations to decrease risk and optimize operational security.

o Field Surveys – Gather information locally and establish in-country information streams and communication links. Assess impacts of factors such as regional conflicts, critical infrastructure security and reliability, population demographics/training, natural disaster preparedness, agricultural and environmental sustainability.

About Operational Surveyors
Operational Surveyors, Inc. (OpSurv) is a minority-owned, small business that has pioneered innovative methods for analyzing threats and assessing risks for the U.S. military, federal, state and local governments, and the business community. We specialize in providing our public and private sector clients with in-depth knowledge of threats and other factors that may impact their operations, locally and globally.