Local awareness of global threats

OpSurv creates a local-to-global perspective on threats and risks by bringing new resources to bear for our clients

  • Survey teams – comprised of subject matter experts with native knowledge of local politics, culture, customs, geography, economy, and business practices.
  • Trained analysts – with experience in counterterrorism, counterproliferation, financial intelligence, environmental security, medical intelligence, energy security, cyber security, infrastructure protection, organized crime, and other disciplines

  • Business Intelligence – tailored analysis of threats and risks to inform corporate decision-making

OpSurv’s comparative advantage is the seamless integration of threat analysis with operational decision-making:

  • We have a proven track record of pioneering the use of open source materials to enhance business, military and government operations.
  • We maintain an extensive network of subject matter experts around the globe who provide our analysts with on-the-ground insight and knowledge.
  • We partner with other businesses in the field to bring integrated teams together to meet the needs of our clients.
  • We collaborate with academic institutions to foster the development of new analytic methodologies.
About Operational Surveyors
Operational Surveyors, Inc. (OpSurv) is a minority-owned, small business that has pioneered innovative methods for analyzing threats and assessing risks for the U.S. military, federal, state and local governments, and the business community. We specialize in providing our public and private sector clients with in-depth knowledge of threats and other factors that may impact their operations, locally and globally.