We thrive in a complex, fast-paced, global environment

OpSurv employs modern business practices and a flexible corporate structure that fosters agility and innovation

Our mobile and dispersed workforce stays connected through modern communication technologies and collaborative project management tools.  This allows us to acquire information locally, while operating globally.  By combining our own talents with those of our partners, we can respond quickly to our client’s needs. Once we identify the core services required by our clients, we draw from across our talent pool to establish teams of experts that work either physically or electronically “side-by-side” with our customers.  We understand that the key to responding the complex needs of our clients, is the establishment of open and collaborative communications.  We place a premium on maintaining interactive dialogue between our analysts and our clients so that we can refine our work in accordance with their evolving needs.  Our staff and corporate structure remains agile and adaptable, while rigorously maintaining high standards and quality control of our products.

About Operational Surveyors
Operational Surveyors, Inc. (OpSurv) is a minority-owned, small business that has pioneered innovative methods for analyzing threats and assessing risks for the U.S. military, federal, state and local governments, and the business community. We specialize in providing our public and private sector clients with in-depth knowledge of threats and other factors that may impact their operations, locally and globally.